If you want to create a suitable environment within your garage, insulated garage doors can be your ultimate choice for your wood working or home gym. Having weather seal on your overhead doors not only adds warmth and calmness in your commercial or residential house, but also can enhance cooling inside the living space. It is an ideal method of slashing down energy bills, as well as minimizing noise interruptions from the outside.

Garage door insulation is usually cost friendly, because you can do it yourself (DIY). A two 9-ft width doors can cost you about $200, hence saving a significant amount of money. The type of insulation you select will improve energy efficiency in your garage, though each type comes with its own price. We shall look at the three popular insulation types so that you can make a decision accordingly.

Popular Types of Garage Door Insulation

  1. Reflective insulation

Reflective insulation usually uses strong boards that have aluminum polished foils on either sides or just one side. The highly polished layer reflects heat away, making it ideal for garage doors during hot weathers. Polythene bubbles and cardboards are the commonly used insulation materials, and a typical sized garage door can utilize R values ranging from R-3.5 to R-6. It can cost about $42 for a roll of 4ft by 25ft.

  1. Form board insulation

The insulation panels often come with two thickness options – R-3.3/0.5inch and R-6.5/1inch. The panels are made of polystyrene and a top-thin layer of aluminum or vinyl. The panels are relatively thinner and the material is turgid, making it a perfect insulating option. A typical sheet of R-6.5 measuring 4ft by 8ft sheet costs about $20.

  1. Batt insulation

Batt insulation comes with two R value options – R-3 and R-4 per inch. The cost per square foot is about 30 cents, making it relatively cheaper for anyone out there. The insulation is made of flexible fiberglass material plus an additional paper/foil to block air and vapor from outside. In case the insulated panels get damaged over time, you can replace the panels together with the insulation easily. It is commonly used for exterior walls of the garage doors.


Suitable Insulation for your Garage Door


garage door roller up weather seal
roller up overhead door

Once you have identified high quality insulation that is easy to install, you also need to check if it matches with your garage door. In addition, ensure that it can offer the desired insulation properties. Buying your insulation products from a local garage door company is highly recommended, because they can connect you with a reliable repairman. This is essential since you will have an expert near you to cater for repair issues whenever the panels break.


Steel garage doors are universal in the sense that they can fit any kind of insulation. If you have this type of garage door, all the above mentioned insulation options can work well. You need to install the insulation around the panels, ensuring the fiberglass sticks well on the door wall. If you opt for foam board insulation, cut the boards and fix them into the frames tightly.




Sometimes, putting insulation can be difficult if you haven’t done it before. In such a situation, find an installer to work on the project. If you reside within Colorado and you need cost friendly garage door repair service, definitely you can find a good local garage door company.

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